A word from the creator of Leadline Pro

LeadLine Pro is a complimentary marketing tool that hosts a presentation for you 24/7/365. Now, building your Vemma business is as simple as asking your friends/prospects to check out a website to understand the product or opportunity. It is also more professional, especially when you are new and just learning how everything works. With LeadLine Pro you have a readily available video presentation from a leader (of your choice) doing the hard part for you! The purpose of this business is to share the Vemma story and products to the masses in the most efficient and effective way possible, right? But sometimes in business we run out of people to talk to.

What actually happens when you run out of a warm market? When you have talked to all of your friends/family? What do you do to prospect? How does your business continue to grow? If you are treating this like a real business you take your business online!

What do you do to spread or grow your team outside your city, state, or even country? You take your business online!

What is the best way to take your business online? Utilize social media! The one thing we all do EVERYDAY anyway!

Just think about how often you use Social media combined with YouTube OR how often you spend time explaining this business to people that may or may not be interested? It is much easier to say hey, "you can check out my website? Right?" Or "if I sent you a video would you watch it?"

So Let's process this even further:

How many times have you:
- Had people tell you send me some information?
- Had people say explain to me how this works? How do you make money?
- Ask you what do you do for work?
- Ask you what are you up to these days?
- Tell you, “I need a job?” “Do you know anyone hiring? how I could make more money?”

All you need to do is:
Just send them to your professional Leadline Pro websites!
- Be the messenger, not the message.
- Let LLP present for you and you will have people come to you asking for more info on getting started.

How many times you watched a YouTube video OR even worse sent people to YouTube to learn more... And what if that hurt your business?

Here are some negatives to using YouTube videos:
- Not Professional (no personal touch)
- Negative Comments
- You can not control where the user goes after video is played
- YouTube's entire purpose is to get viewers to click on another video (they are a business also, this is how they make $$$, more videos, more eyeballs and page views = more advertising)
- At that point you have lost control of the lead
- You are dealing with the prospect's time...maybe they forgot, maybe they do not know how to contact the person afterward. (And plus... YouTube earns a ton of money by engaging people to stay on YouTube)
- YouTube overall has a ton of uncontrolled environments (You do not know what they are going to suggest as the next video)

And most importantly YouTube does not have an unobtrusive way to express interest! Would you put your contact info on a YouTube comment thread or message someone when people are saying terrible things in the comments?!? Especially when you are already on the fence or skeptical? Come on man! Think about it? How in the world is that good for business? It is not, plain and simple.

That is why we built LeadLine Pro!

Imagine if YouTube sent you a app push notification and email in real time when somebody watched your video and actually wanted to hear more?
Oh and also:
- Did not allow people to have negative comments
- Did not point people away from your video

LeadLine Pro fixes all of these issues as well as notifying you in real time when somebody fills out your form / visits your website!
- Professionals use websites!
- Would you take a professional affiliate marketer/business owner seriously if they did not have a marketing website these days?!?
- You just need to learn how to communicate with these leads after they see the video and come to you. So LLP did not just stop there, We built a LeadLine Pro APP!

The Leadline Pro Mobile APP includes:
- Real time push notification
- Closing scripts
- 20+ Elite written Rebuttals built right in
- Organization
- Click to call
- Click to text
- Click to email
- Notes to stay organized
- Getting started Vemma Training (product and presentation)
- Add a prospect feature
- Available on Apple IOS and Google Android

You can easily link any video from YouTube and customize the site as you wish. Make it your own! But honestly you do not even have to! These were built working with Vemma Elites and designed for all Vemma Affiliates!

We know this because thousands of affiliates have already been generating leads everyday using our proven system. Here's a sample site: http://OrangeElite.com/ypr/1
(This is a demo link)

Not to mention that:
You can customize and edit the video, content, bullets, and headlines all with a click of a button all connected to your web version and APP in REAL TIME!

Leadline Pro comes with 6 marketing pages, including:
- Affiliate
- Verve
- Bod-e
- Customer
- Mojoe

Remember you do not have to spend time explaining the business to anyone, especially if you do not have the credibility yet. So utilize your upline, your company, all of the leaders credibility and their presentation videos and start taking your business to the Next Level – Today!

Creator of LLP