9 Steps To Success With Leadline Pro

1. Get Our Mobile App

a. Download our app. Find it on Google Play and the App Store
b. If you’re new to Vemma, click here: First 8 Things To Do in Vemma

2. Your Marketing Page Links

You have 6 Product Pages to use for marketing. They all start with and this is the URL you will be posting. DO NOT copy the link from your address bar.

These are the ONLY links to use:

3. Get Your Own URL / Website Link

We encourage you to purchase your own URLs via or a similar service and forward that to your specifc Orange Elite URL. This will increase your business professionalism and will remove the long “″ link from being seen by your prospect.

The full GoDaddy instructions can be found here Go Daddy Instructions

4. Link Your Vemma Website

Input the first part of your Vemma site name on the product pages, so your ‘Order Now’ Button is LIVE. This is NOT your VID. Log in to your Vemma back office and find your website link which will be something like:
Vemma back office

Then go here, and enter the first part, and any other page customization you want to do. See below:
LLP back office

All your pages will use the same user name but you may customize all your pages. Only Bod•e, Customer, and Verve pages have an Order Now button. Mojoe is coming soon!

5. Start Marketing Today

Share your new URL’s with friends, family, people you meet while out prospecting etc.

The Vemma business should be treated as an extension of your life, these websites
will give you the confidence to market and prospect no matter where you are!!

Print them on business cards. Tell your friends “This is what I’m up to lately, check out my site for more info.” Use them in online marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. Get creative! Here is a list of other ideas:

Posting Ideas

6. Be the Messenger Not The Message

Let the System present and help the prospect determine their level of interest. Let it collect their information if they are interested to learn more. Elite Recruiting Tips

LLP is a complimentary marketing tool in addition to what you currently do to generate prospects for your business.

7. Real Time Notifications

You will get notifications on your app as prospects watch the videos and reach out to you to learn more. You can see their information on the web site as well. These are people that are interested in the product or opportunity, so follow up ASAP! Time Kills All Deals!

8. Take Massive Action

Remember all your Vemma training. Be confident. Be knowledgable. ASK them to purchase product or join you in the business. Recruit, educate, motivate, duplicate. This resource section as well as the app is full of training tools. Use the scripts, rebuttals and resources to practice, to build confidence, and to get enrollments! Map out your path to success by following the Vemma Rank Advancement Chart

9. Eat, Sleep, Cycle, Repeat

The more you repeat from step 5, the faster you will meet new people and rank advance! This business follows the Law of Averages – Get out there and make it happen!!

Additional Leadline Pro Resources


Naturally, people have questions or even skepticism about any new thing. If they’re discussing the product or opportunity with you but they have questions or objections, you want to be prepared to answer. In sales terms, these are called rebuttals. The more you know these, the more prepared you can be and the more professional you will sound! Click here to learn the most common objections and rebuttals!


If you’re a seasoned pro, read through these to polish up your skills or to get new ideas. If you’re new to Vemma or new to sales these scripts will be helpful. Don’t be afraid to read them when you talk to people. Over time you’ll get more comfortable and soon you will refine these and make them your own!

Five Step Follow Up / Close
Three-Way Call An Upline Leader
Get Customers With a Favor
Warm Market: Referral
Cold Market Phone Strategies
Cold Market: Opportunity
Cold Prospecting: Strategies
Cold Prospecting: Call Back

Other Resources

Rank Advancement
FaceBook Marketing 101

DO NOT miss Jamie Chirio’s How To Close video!