GET STARTED – This is where you want to start. All the basics are covered – how the system works, how to talk to people and how you make money! Click here to get started!

WHERE TO POST – Now that you have your own links to sites that CONVERT LIKE CRAZY, where do you post them? Start here for posting ideas!

TRAINING – How to start the conversation (inviting people), how to tell them abut Vemma, and how to get them to sign up! Click here for awesome training

DO NOT miss Jamie Chirio’s How To Close video!

GROWTH – Once you get the hang of it, this is how you go from some nice extra income to making serious income. All the secrets are revealed! Click here to learn the SECRETS

INCOME – How fast can you grow? What is the earnings potential? This is where you can establish some exciting goals. Click here to see WHAT’S POSSIBLE!

SCRIPTS – Use these as a starting point

Warm Market Referral


Bumps Call Back

Cold Market Leads

3 Way Call